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What Japan is fighting for

What Japan is fighting for

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States and Britain, we may be certain that the army and navy forces released from service in the Philippines will be turned to some new directions with no small advantage. Whenever may be the new fields for operations, they must be of vital importance to the defense line which had so aggressively been formed against this country up to the war's outbreak. It seems equally clear that the gap made between American and British bases by the loss of Manila will remain open, to give Japanese arms freedom and security enough to deal with American and British positions independently and the war in progress in Malaya has amply proved that America is technically unable to send any reinforcements to East Asia, and that Britain has more than she can do in defending her far-flung interests and positions which are coming under the increasing pressure of Japanese arms. (January 4, 1942)

A Portfolio of Five of the Greatest War Photographs Ever Taken

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