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What Japan is fighting for

What Japan is fighting for

本システムは近代デジタルライブラリーとは異なる事業として運用されて おり ます。以下では、近代デジタルライブラリーの画面をiframe経由で利用しています。

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Historic Photographs of Japan's Brilliant Naval Victory at Hawaii

The greatest naval victory in history occurred on the morning of December 8, 1941, when Japanese naval planes virtually destroyed the U.S. Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor. In one day the American Navy was reduced to that of a third-rate nation. This remarkable photo shows the capital ships of the U.S. Navy staggering under direct hits by Japanese planes. (All photos by courtesy of the Imperial Japanese Navy)

Another view of the capital ships of the U.S. Pacific Fleet being bombed by Japanese naval warplanes. (Photo Courtesy the Imperial Japanese Navy)

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