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What Japan is fighting for

What Japan is fighting for

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The Greatest Event in Japanese History

No previous event in the 2,600 odd years of Japanese History can compare in magnitude with the task which Japan has recently undertaken. From Emperor Jimmu subjugating a band of barbarian aborigines with the aid of a dazzling golden kite perched on his bow, it is a far cry indeed, not alone in point of time, to modern Japan shattering the combined might of the United States and the British Empire. In no previous year in her history has Japan ever engaged in a mission of such importance to all the world as her present crusade to emancipate the peoples of East Asia from Anglo-American domination. In her war to establish a new and better order in Greater East Asia, Japan is at last fulfilling a destiny for which her previous history has been but a preparation. The year 1941 which marks the beginning of this war well deserves to be remembered as the greatest year in Japanese history.

The year just past, however, is notable not alone for marking the outset of a great war. It offers an eloquent testimony to the soundness and greatness of the Japanese nation which augurs well for the continuing success of the program which she has undertaken. Spectacular as her military and naval victories have been, in themselves they are of far smaller import than the revelation which they offer of the spirit and morale of the Japanese people. It is a matter of pride to the Japanese nation that they have been able to face the war with such

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